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Frequently Asked Questions about Charter Schools and Dual-immersion Programs 


What is a charter school? :  A charter school is a public school which is usually created by a founding group that can include educators, parents and community members.  It is usually sponsored by a local school board or county board of education.  A charter school is generally exempt from most laws governing school districts and therefore increases the opportunities and educational choices available to the community.  The school must participate in and be held accountable to the California State Standards as measured by the STAR test.  The state legislature expressed its intent that charter schools are a method to accomplish the following:

1. Improve pupil learning.
2. Increase learning opportunities for all pupils, with special emphasis on expanded learning experiences for pupils identified as academically low achieving.
3. Encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods.
4. Create new professional opportunities for teachers, including the opportunity to be responsible for the learning  program at the school site.
5. Provide parents and students with expanded educational opportunities within the public school system without the constraints of traditional rules and structure.
6. Provide schools a way to shift from a rule-based to a performance-based system of accountability.
7. Provide competition within the public school system to stimulate improvements in all public schools.

Who may approve a charter school petition? :   Under California law, it is the local school district governing board that serves as the primary authorizer.  The law specifies that the chartering authority should be guided by legislative intent, which encourages the establishment of charter schools; there is a presumption that charter petitions meeting the requirements of law will be approved.

How is a charter school governed? : The charter school forms its own school board of trustees to oversee the practices  of the school and  must ensure the involvement of parents and guardians but can include teachers or concerned citizens.

How is a charter school funded? : The basis for funding comes from the ADA (Average Daily Attendance) provided by the state to the local school district (LEA)  and apportioned to the school based on how many children are enrolled.  Supplemental funding can come from fundraising and/or grants.

How are facilities acquired?:  Under the provisions of Proposition 39, school districts must provide facilities to their charter schools which project an ADA of at least 80 students. And those facilities must be “reasonably equivalent” to those used by non-charter students within the district. 



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