2nd / 3rd Grade GATE Combo

I was born and raised in Lompoc. I met my husband while he was stationed here at Vandenberg Air Force Base. We have four children, Jenna, Kati, Mason and Hailey. I received my bachelor’s degree from Chapman University and completed the course work needed for my Master of Arts in Teaching. I have more than 7 years of teaching experience in grades K-5. I am also fully qualified and experienced working with students that are in the process of learning the English language, and also GATE (Summit) students.


I believe that learning is a process that never ends and this is why I continue my own professional development every chance I get. 

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic person with never-ending creative energy. A goal of mine is for all of my students to be involved in every aspect of learning by tapping into their interests and using hands-on techniques as well as past experiences.


My students will walk into the classroom every morning knowing that they are in a safe and positive learning environment.  

I am excited to be working with such a superb staff at the new Manzanita Public Charter School. I am excited about the innovation and diversity of our school and I have always dreamed of a school with such an emphasis on writing and literacy. The collaboration between our staff, parents, students, and community is very important to making this school successful and everything that we want it to be. My daughters and I are anxious for the new school year here at Manzanita

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