4th / 5th Grade GATE Combo

4th Grade Math/Bridges ANSWERS

5th Grade Math/Bridges ANSWERS

A scholar is someone who travels to a place of learning to engage in the pursuit of knowledge.

I was born in Mazatlán, Mexico and immigrated to the Central Coast during elementary school. Mrs. Sanders, my first and second grade teacher, inspired a love of literature through books and in particular her enthusiasm for The Boxcar Children.

In pursuit of a love of literature, I earned a degree in English with a Creative Writing Focus at Stanford University. I tell my scholars that “authors make choices, make choices, make choices.”

While studying at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I decided to look for a teaching job at an elementary school. I believe students should learn to make intelligent choices for themselves.

At Manzanita, I have been welcomed not only into an environment of scholarship, but also into a family where the love that holds them together is the love of finding strengths in one another.

I encourage my scholars to make good choices -- reading every night, working and playing every day, and finding strengths in yourself and others!

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