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Parents and Guardians,
Below you will find a brief summary of on-line resources your scholar uses at school; including 2 NEW resources. Your child can listen to and read stories, practice math, and engage in science topics at home.​ ​If you need helping logging on, contact your scholar’s teacher via parent square. If you have any questions regarding any of the resources email​.

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In ​Benchmark Advance​, scholars can read a variety of fiction and non-fiction text, keep track of their reading with the online reading log, annotate, take notes, and type of review of the books they have read. Scholars can also complete work assigned by their teacher and access their Texts for Close Reading. Grades K-6.

Parent Letter

NEW- Benchmark Advance is offering ​free​ access to ​Family eBook Home Library​. There are additional NEW books to enjoy, at all grade levels, on a variety of topics both fiction and non-fiction. All grade levels.

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In ​Freckle Math and Language Arts,​ scholars can practice skills at their own pace. Scholars can read texts and answer questions, complete word study activities, practice sight words, fact fluency and math skills. Lessons are at their personalized learning levels so scholars​ are always engaged and challenged, never facing material that is too difficult or easy for them. Work can also be assigned by the teachers. Grades K-6.

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Epic ​is a FREE digital library that has a wide range of picture books, chapter books, non-fiction, award winning stories, and versions in Spanish for children of all ages. Scholars can choose to read the story themselves or have it read to them, some stories even have a video. Grades K-6.

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Newsela​ offers age appropriate articles on a variety of current age-appropriate topics that match scholar’s reading levels. Scholars can annotate and take quizzes to demonstrate their understanding of the articles. Grades 3-6.

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NEW myON library and News

6,107 fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels AND 5 daily current news articles to choose from. All grade levels

Special Features

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Xtramath ​provides scholars opportunities to practice basic fact and fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Activities are timed and repetitious which builds recall. Grades 2-4

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Prodigy ​is a fun interactive way to practice math skills through games and activities. The math skills and games are individualized to each scholar’s strengths and areas of need. Grades 1-6

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Mystery Science​ and Doug have created FREE interesting and engaging science lessons for at-home learning. You can find both mini-lessons and full-lessons designed for grades K-5 (although 6th graders would love the lessons as well). Mini-lessons are between 5-30 minutes with videos and questions to discuss with each other. These are perfect for at-home learning. Full-lessons are between 45-90 minutes, including videos, questionings, and hands on activities. These lessons are also great, but will require materials, some of which may be printed and some you may already have at home. NO username or login required to access.

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